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Algae Bloom – The Blossom

Algae Bloom - The Blossom Cover

Algae Bloom
The Blossom
Sun Station
Progressive Trance
68:33 min
release date:
October 2013
Fernando Hood

Sun Station Records is proud to present you The Blossom, an album by Algae Bloom, a special gift to the global psychedelic community, ready to energize people who love to move to the beat in the daylight.

Algae Bloom is a project created by Maxim ‘Makus’ Kurushyn. Makus is no newcomer to the music scene. He is the founder of Overdream – the band and the studio – and has been working with sound and music since 1998.

The Blossom is the debut album by Algae Bloom. This is a 130 BPM progressive psychedelic trance journey with a special twist. According to Makus, the best word to describe it is ‘daypsy’. Spiced up with pumping beats, strong electro vibes, colorful melodies and beautiful hang drum it will recharge any progressive dancefloor. Grow, bloom and enjoy!

Written and produced by Maxim “makus” Kurushyn.
Track 3 written and produced by Maxim “makus” Kurushyn and Stereofeld.

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