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VA – Kiss My Bass

Kiss My Bass Cover

dj Tuatara
Kiss My Bass
Sun Station
Psychedelic Trance
79:45 min
release date:
June 2015
Antoine Merger
Overdream Studio

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Kiss My Bass!

This compilation is a psychedelic offering of epic, orchestral proportions, inspired by waves of positive vibes straight from the world’s dancefloors.

Warning: listening to any of 11 tracks from this international psychedelic fuga has been shown to spread an infectious, mysterious, and incurable love of morning psytrance.

Listen to this compilation and join the funky Forces of Light!

Return policy: In case of data loss you can freely download the album again and share it with your authorized friends.

01. Ocelot – Terraformacao

Written and produced by Aaron M Peacock. Soundcloud, Facebook.

02. Neon – Positive Negative

Written and produced by Alexei Ovtchinnikov. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Pure Euphoria Records.

03. Jarilo – Groovy Vargan

Written and produced by Alex Rau. Soundcloud, Facebook.

04. Electrypnose – 5h Countdown (Counter Cheese Unit Remix)

Written and produced by Vince LeBarde (remix: Reza Tamjidi).
Electrypnose: Soundcloud, Facebook, Website.
Counter Cheese Unit: Soundcloud, Facebook.

05. Yodafestedelik – Light Experience

Written and produced by Rivet Guillaume & Stéphane Ray. Soundcloud.

06. Jarilo – Chaos Theory

Written and produced by Alex Rau. Soundcloud, Facebook.

07. Shivattva – Cosmic Dancer

Written and produced by Artyom Arkhangelskiy. Soundcloud, Facebook.

08. Ziog – Lovin Creatures

Written and produced by Alex Bunis. Soundcloud, Swamp Tales.

09. Onda – Unclear

Written and produced by Max Von Bumble & Cameron Allen. Soundcloud, Facebook

10. Mikrokristal – Tranzai

Written and produced by Adomas Tyloje. Discogs, Youtube video, 526, Hidden Way Between Some Rains, Reflections From Imagination.

11. Tarac – Solid

Written and produced by Gabriel Strecker. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook, Microcosmos Records.

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