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Pan Psychic – We Are Not Who We Are

Pan Psychic
We Are Not Who We Are
psytrance, goa, downtempo
76:47 min
release date:
cover design:
digital artist E. Kiselev

This work is licensed under
a Creative Commons License.

track 01: Composed and arranged by A. Kravchenko and Geo in 2002. Remastered in 2007.
track 02: Composed and arranged by A. Kravchenko and Geo, 2004.
track 03: Composed by A. Kravchenko, I. Fedorenko. Arranged by Geo, 2003.
track 04: Composed and arranged by Geo, 2004.
track 05: Composed by A. Kravchenko, I. Fedorenko. Arranged by Geo 2003. Remastered in 2007.
track 06: Composed by A. Kravchenko, arranged by Geo, 2006.
track 07: Composed by O. Bojczuk (Shytan) and Geo, arranged by Geo, 2007.
track 08: Composed by O. Bojczuk (Shytan), arranged by Geo, 2004.
track 09: Composed and arranged by A. Kravchenko and Geo, 2002.
track 10: Composed by A. Kravchenko, arranged by Geo. Remix 2006.
track 11: Original music by VIA Zemliane, remixed by Pan Psychic in 2004. Remastered in 2007.

Sun Station is proud to present the long awaited album “We Are Not Who We Are” by the truly pioneering trance project from Saint-Petersburg called Pan Psychic. The history of this collective started in 1999 when Alexey Kravchenko and Georgy aka Geo founded new project to produce trance music. It became the first act on local scene who played on parties self-produced tracks only. Since that time the project had performed on many events from underground trance parties to big festivals sharing stage with best artists of genre. Later people behind Pan Psychic have changed: Alexey has left the project and in 2006 Ivan Fedorenko – an old friend of Geo – became a new member. Also a electronic musician O. Bojczuk (Shytan) from Donetsk (Ukraine) have participated in work on some tracks of the album.

The album “We Are Not Who We Are” contains best and most popular Pan Psychic tracks which were produced in 2002-2007. The style of tracks is varied, you will hear hypnotic goa trance in “Vishnu Avatars” and “In Suspend”, rough nighttime psychedelic in “We Are Not, Who We Are”, “Night Vision” and “Bioware”, joyfull morning melodies in “Moscow-Cassiopeia”, “Picnic On A Roadside”, deep chill out in “The Last Reality”. Album is closed by non-official anthem of St. Petersburg trance movement – the great remix on timeless classics by famous Russian band Zemliane “Trava U Doma” which was dedicated to all cosmonauts dreaming about home while being on the orbit.

We hope that “We Are Not Who We Are” will become a pleasant gift to all trance fans around.
The album is dedicated in memory of Nikolai Kobzar (CAPS).

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Project info:

The Pan Psychic project is: Georgy aka Geo, Ivan Fedorenko (joined in 2006), Alexei Kravchenko (left in 2005).
The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (Russia). The first public performance took place in spring 2000. Pan Psychic is the first project at St. Petersburg trance scene that introduced live performance program, which consisted of their own material only. In 2001 the first track has been published as a part of “DJ Parade Euro” compilation called “5th race”.

Musical preferences of participants of group are various enough, so this affects their creativity. Tracks are various on stylistics: melodic morning sound, goa… and psychedelic with dark style and techno elements.

Pan Psychic participated in a large number of various club events, open-airs and festivals in Russia.

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