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Faxi Nadu – The Dangling Thread


Faxi Nadu
The Dangling Thread
Sun Station
Psychedelic Trance
70:11 min
release date:
October 2014
Fernando Hood

Sun Station Records presents epic psychedelic album of Faxi Nadu project from Israel.
Yaron “Faxi Nadu” Eshkar has been producing music since 2002. Through the years Yaron has ventured into various forms of electronic music, released dozens of tracks and several albums of different labels. In 2011 Yaron met Oss who became both his music partner and life partner and since Faxi Nadu project is a collaboration between them. Oss and Yaron are also working on a live act where they perform a real live show with synths and controllers.

The idea of the album was to elaborate on hypnotic-experimental-geometric-psychedelic-goa concept and to provide a full storied experience. Simplicity and detail, experimentation amid a classical core to form a unique blend of past and future – that spot on the horizon where Aristotle meets Plato for a chat. The sound design of the album aims to sound both proffesional yet raw and real with a moody and distinct character and tone. The stories are told as patiently as possible to tell striving for drama and a theatrical feel. Channels were recorded in very long live takes with extensive automations and an interactive vibe. The core groove is simple and very Doric while the synths and sounds are Corinthian and all over the place. Through this contrast Faxi Nadu sound is defined.
Press “play” and get hypnotised by this unusual masterpiece!

Written and produced by Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband.
Track 6 featuring Spinney Lainey on flute.

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Track by track from Faxi Nadu

1. Faxi Nadu – Upon Abstraction

A bit of the vibe that carried over from our experimental techno album “Doric Prime”. Mystic backdrop, simplicty and details. Where geometric meets the abstract halfway. The awakening of the spirits.

Used mostly vsti sounds for this one, with some Novation K-Station thrown in there. Even though in the end result you might not notice it as much, the whole track is slices and dices and re-grooving of little bits.

2. Faxi Nadu – Consonant Resolution

This was the track where the style that you hear throughout the album took shape. Very long segments that gradually weave and flow forming hypnotic layering and deep hypnotic trance vibes with a spiritual connection. Imagine yourself and your life as part of a living organ, an astral experience listening in on the chatter of life.

While producing this track we had a little fetish for a synth on the Sonic Core Scope called ProTone. Very musical synth with a lot of character and expresive feel. Loooooooooong drawn out automations across the track. Also features some Yamaha An1x and Yamaha Dx200. The basic geometric groove backdrop that we often base or tracks on with the 808 and 909 type core sounds and basic tracking came out really well in this one, we think. The other perc lines are mangled samples of pots, pans and cola cans from our kitchen.

3. Faxi Nadu – Disturbed Skating Silhouette

Tell me a story, sing me a song… uplifiting and positive little bouncing mushrooms opening up your soul. Peeling off layer by layer like an onion, evolving the story like scenes at the theater until you are released to float among the stars in full 3D.

Really was pushing the whole long segments hypnotic trance concept to the limit here. Again the Pro Tone is playing many roles including the dominating synth line. Korg Ms20 Mini, Sonic Core Modular and other Scope synths, and a bit of the original Access Virus too. The effected vocal type samples and atmospheres were recorded in live takes using police scanners and then arranged.

4. Faxi Nadu – Tears Of The Morning Flower

Expressive and emotional with hints of melancholia. Just before the dawn breaks, after the morning dew, when the flowers are dripping tiny tears of water, and your world wakes to a pixelated morning of inner beauty and truth.

We had a Roland Sh-201 for a time and this was the track where it was featured the most. It is doing both the main melodic/harmonic layers as well as some of the psychedelic twirls. Surprisingly, even though it looks like a toy, the synth engine is legit! Experimented with new kinds of layering using methods we haven’t used before. Also featured is the Korg Ms-20 Mini, Doepfer Dark Energy II and Scope Modular.

5. Faxi Nadu – The Dangling Thread

THE track 🙂 We can die today, at least we made this track 🙂 It expresses everything we ever wanted to express. Sad, happy, eternal, momentary… lingers on and on… distant thoughts, goosebumps from the past and the future. Ying-Yang. This is hypnotic trance. This is who we are.

The usual suspects – Scope Modular, Ms20 Mini, Access Virus, Korg Triton, Yamaha An1x, Scope Minimax and other Scope synths as well as a few vsti. Automations are everything, the idea was for the whole track to breath life.

6. Faxi Nadu – feat Spinney Lainey – The Fall of Gamla

This track tells the story of the city of Gamla in its final days and hours. It was an ancient jewish city destroyed by the Romans and left to decay into history. Today the ruins stand atop a cliff on a hill shaped like the back of a camel, with magnificant eagles nesting in the area, and only the birds remain to tell the story… a heartbreaking tragedy of events long forgotten brought to life.

In this track Spinney Lainey played the flute parts. We have sent her a skeleton of the arrangment and told her about the story and she improvised the flute recordings and returned them to us to play with. Other than the actual acoustic flute, there are a few Roland JV880 electronic-acoustic sounds with Scope Modular doing a lot of the crazy psychedelic twirls.

7. Faxi Nadu – Sailing In E Lydian

Can you forget what you never knew? Floating on a leaf in a sea of psychedelica and melodica. A ballet of the greek sirens musing on the strings of your soul. Reminds me of Atreyu riding Falcor when all of Fantasia is consumed by The Nothing in The Neverending Story, or sailing the ship in the waters of the realms of Final Fantasy for the 8-bit NES… or if the Arirang Festival met the greek gods.

This one is really strange isn’t it? MS-20, Sh-201, Korg Triton, vsti and lots of Scope for the wicked! Lots of details and little things going on, worked hard arranging this one.

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