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Simiantics is a psy-trance project created by Chris Curzon together with an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of synthesizers.

With influences ranging from early Hallucinogen, X-Dream, and Cosmosis to modern artists such as Ajja, Rastaliens, Talpa, and Electrypnose, the Simiantics sound is always energetic and psychedelic, and has been released on Blue Hour Sounds (Italy), with upcoming releases on SunStation Records (Russia), Shiva Valley Records (Goa/UK) and Samana Records (Dubai).

One of the primary aims of the Simiantics project has always been to create an interesting live act. After much experimentation, a setup consisting of 2 Nintendo Wiimotes as well as other MIDI controllers (all interfacing with Ableton Live) has been created, which allows live remixing and tweaking in order to respond to the crowd in a visible and entertaining manner.

Simiantics has performed at a number of festivals and venues around the world, including England, Goa, Australia, Nepal, and Russia, to an overwhelmingly positive response.

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