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Rye Smugglers

Rye Smugglers is a psytrance oriented project from two veterans of psychedelic scene in Finland. They are Tim ’Duster’ Kollin & Kristian Aro aka Nebula Meltdown. Their project started suddenly in early 2011 after these two guys found themselves constantly smuggling rye bread to the U.K. Main mission on the trips was to scout around the underground scene of London and beyond but time after time they found themselves surfing thru the customs with bags full of finnish treats.
So this experienced music heads join their efforts and share the idea of creating a new from of mature intelligent and yet very danceable style of modern psychedelic trance music. The Sound of Rye Smugglers is pumping late evening / early morning psytrance where you can hear various different influences running in the background all the way from full-on / progressive psytrance up to melodic goa.
Don’t miss this promising project with all the potential to push their sound to the forefront of psychedelic trance music.

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