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Phillax is the eclectic solo project and mischievous alter-ego of Phil Austerberry, London-based producer, pianist and DJ. Phil’s journey began surrounded by music and classically trained as a kid, the piano his prime focus and love. Inspired by composers such as Rachmaninoff he developed skills in classically-styled piano improvisation, now the sole focus of his piano playing. On arrival at university in Bristol he discovered psytrance music and the wonderful colourful and crazy people that make up its scene, falling instantly in love with both.

Alongside time devoted to tearing up psychedelic dancefloors worldwide with epic wonky disco shapes Phil learned to DJ and started playing out around Bristol. In 2008 he started on the journey of music production and has been obsessively devoted to it ever since. His music covers a variety of styles often focused around progressive psytrance, but straying into full-on territory and also more techy, downbeat and ambient tunes.

The Phillax sound is a bittersweet blend of richly melodic, warming and euphoric sounds crossed with a haunted, driving, dark and psychedelic feel. Powerful melodies are interlaced with squelchy and squiggly mind-tickling riffs and rhythms, backed by complex and funky percussive patterns. Tunes are structured building in a progressive style, always taking the listener on a journey. Sometimes the sound is infused with classical piano, adding a unique twist.

In his spare time when he isn’t making beats or playing with his piano Phil enjoys eating pizza, drinking tea and thinking about eating pizza.