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Zymosis are Dmitriy Likhachev (aka Dimitro) arranger, keyboardist and composer, Grigory Sobinov (aka gree_shanti), keyboardist and composer, Alexey Ivchenko (aka Tigra) playing electro & accoustic guitar and Irina Kystovskaya (aka Hvoya) laying her beautiful vocals.

They are from Kiev [Ukraine]. Zymosis is a psy-project which has brought a bright light to the psy-culture over the past 10 years.

Zymosis is mainly composed of two people who share their mind and soul to make you fly into the depth of ambient and trance music.

Dimitro and Gree Shanti have devoted themselves to music and they continue to expand our consciousness.

Hvoya is an Ukrainian singer, songwriter and producer of electronic music. Although Hvoya practiced music from little up, it is in the year 2007 that must be considered as a start of a project. During the first year Hvoya was working hard on her personal music style experimenting with instruments and lot of music stuff.

As a result she got a sweet mix of hard noizzy sounds with a velvet womanish vocal, harmony of the feminine emotional soul and modern synthesized world.