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OVERDREAM is a psychedelic band from Kiev, Ukraine.

Makus and Dana, a couple in real life and an artistic duet on the stage and in the studio, dove into psychedelic scene late 90s. Though Overdream was formed much later, the two were active figures on the local scene DJing, organizing numerous psychedelic events and promoting underground music on radio stations.
Overdream was formed in 2006 as a night style trance project, but today it became much more than that. Makus and Dana are constantly releasing their tracks on labels around the world in various genres: night forest, full on, progressive, downtempo and keep experimenting with blending these genres. Recent live downtempo performances with DubMyDub, a talented producer and musician Andrew Shamanov, is a good example of variety of music Overdream is into. However, the main concept of the band is to keep music psychedelic without sticking to genre definitions too much.

Besides releasing a debut album and more than 20 tracks on compilations on such labels as Avatar, Moon Station, Samana, Zaikadelic, Catawampus and Warp Brain Records Overdream compiled their first cd ‘VA – Mystagogue’ featuring such world famous names as Ocelot, Ianuaria, Sanathana, Wizack Twizack, Tsabeat and other well-known producers. The CD was released on Skygravity Records.