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In the early 90`s Daniel Roeth has begun spinning vinyls and playing acid trance & hard techno at private underground parties in Moscow night clubs as DJ. In 1993 he temporarily stopped DJ-career and began building “IntroSpect. Porta Tracks” studio where Daniel and William Grey were working together till present days. As Koan alias Daniel performed at huge european festivals like as Ethno-Life (Russia), Transylvania Calling (Romania), Underwater Overground (Croatia). Each mix playing by Daniel including soft and warm vibrations, hypnotic mood from nature and positive concentration. As studio composer Daniel recording original music for many videogames and motion pictures released by VGIK (Russian National Institute of Cinematography).
William Grey:

William Grey
William Grey for a long time (since 1989) was programming samplers, computers and was producing several demo-scene works as the 8-bit sound designer (Commodore-64, Atari XE, PC). At this moment William Grey is manager and executive producer of “IntroSpectIn 1993 Daniel and William met and began working together. They launched three independent projects: Vacuum Stalkers for progressive, tech sound compositions. Fatum Sci-Fi for electronic experimental collages / landscapes. And Koan was responsible for ethnic lounge, ambient, cinematographic and documentary scores.Koan – is a Zen teaching riddle. Classically, koans are attractive paradoxes to be meditated on; their purpose is to help one to enlightenment by temporarily jamming normal cognitive processing so that something more interesting can happen (this practice is associated with Rinzai Zen Buddhism). The effort to “solve” a koan is intended to exhaust the analytic intellect and the egoistic will, readying the mind to entertain an appropriate response on the intuitive level. Each such exercise constitutes both a communication.

Koan music phenomenon art designed by Daniel Roeth use to provoke reflection on the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to lead to enlightenment. Possibilities and methods of spiritual transformation come in a variety of forms and the disciple must renounce, leave behind the impurity of the profane realm, so that he may be pure enough to enter into the sacred realm..