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Kadang crew is a virtual community of artists formed in 2005 in Saint-Petersburg. Each member puts in his unique feeling of electronic music, so your sound system could bring wide range of styles to your ears.
Project consists of two participants: Geo (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), member of Pan Psychic and Oleg Boychuk (Donetsk, Ukraine), aka Shytan. Geo is mostly attended to producing, arrangement and composing. Oleg, having great experience of creating melodic music by his own as well as participant of different projects, fills up their tracks with melodies and air atmosphere. Most of the tracks are written by Oleg or with his complicity.

Common works with Pan Psychic project:
Ozone Cloud (Track System 2005, Sunstation Rec., 2007)
Picnic on a roadside (Sunstation Rec. 2007)




http://www.buzzmusic.org.ua/, shytan@mail.ru