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dj Roam

dj Roam is Roman. К. (1977). was born in Russia then in 1990 he moved to Israel when he was infected by trance virus in 1996. He started to visit parties and then in 1999 decided to become Dj and promoter. He started to organize trance events and played there as resident dj. As promoter he was involved in organization of more that 100 events all over Israel, then he was noticed by local promoters and they started to invite him to play at their parties. In 2002-2003 he was a resident of popular Haifa clubs like Fever and Grasshopper. In 2003 he become a resident of Com.Pact Records. In 2004 he moved back to Russia and become a representative of Com.Pact in Moscow and also become very popular Dj there, playing on major trance events. His style varied form Full On to pumping psygressive depending of the event.