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Anix Gleo

Anix Gleo Hypnofrog

Alexander Liventsov aka Anix Gleo born in 1982. A programmer by training, a designer by profession, at heart – “mini-factory” which produces images and sounds. Alexander fell under the hypnotic influence of electronic music in late childhood. Beginning in 1998, was fond of jungle rhythms, but then became acquainted with the work of bands such as: Orbital, Underworld, AphexTwin, FSOL … but later went into the bosom of the Great psychedelic River.

House and studio are located in Moscow. The process of writing electronic music started in the last school. For 10 years, which began with an absolutely abstract experiments, not tied to the bpm in general, Anix Gleo tried many approaches to create a musical composition, and eventually developed his own. One of the main tools of his studio, is a pencil and a sheet of paper – so, with the help of block diagrams and words that lay the image of the future track.

In 2005, according to the will of fate, Anix Gleo was denied a Schengen visa, and the money on the conquest of Europe were invested in his own studio and the music has found a new life.

– In 2007 idm label Homeworks compiles We Have Different Sounds with a track Takibu.

– In the same year, but later in the light comes four tracks at once – Atmo EP from the Russian label PsR net-label.

– In 2009 the label Feeless announces the launch of the compilation VA Firestarter, for which Anix Gleo once wrote two tracks, one of which was filmed video clip (Introfon).

– And already in March 2010 is going to start compiling VA Urban Forest from the label SkyGravity with the track Voices and Footsteps, which also was filmed a clip.

These clips (http://www.anixgleo.com/video.html) are not typical for the trans music video, as they are made in the aesthetics of art works, and absolutely exclude all kinds of fractal turbulence.

Despite the fact that the trans is primarily dance music, Anix Gleo sound always gravitated toward thoughtful listening. The main emphasis in his music, Alexander makes the development of the history of the track, and only after testing the suitability of the music in the dance floor.
Anix Gleo was at the following events:
– Sisto, 2008, 2009, 2010 (St. Petersburg)
– Tundra 2010 (Lithuania)
– Trimurti 2009, 2010 (Moscow)
– Trishula (Moscow)
– SkyGravity 2009 (Ukraine)
– Kalevala in 2009 (Moscow)
– Nautica (Eysk)
– Crystall Power of Beauty 2009, 2010 (Moscow)
– Mad Tea from BK (Moscow) … and more.

In 2009, the work on making the site www.anixgleo.com began, which was intended to reflect the different sides of the creative work of one man. Together with the launch of the site (in 2010) the project “Anix Gleo Laboratory” was also launched (http://www.anixgleo.com/laboratory.html) – which is a platform for all sorts of developments in the field of audio and video technologies. The first swallow has become a virtual music machine – Gleofon (http://www.anixgleo.com/gleofon/), which can not only instantly create music, but also the mood.

The career of Anix Gleo is associated with 3D graphics. In 2002 he won the international competition “Mouse 2002” (http://www.render.ru/contest/?contest_id=2&action=contest_show_sb), announced by the site RENDER.RU. His 3D work has received numerous awards, they can be found both in Russian (http://www.render.ru/user/info.php?user_id=2992), and in international galleries (http://raph.com/3dartists / artgallery / artistPage? aid = 488).

Now there is active work in self-perfection on the methodology – Be cool)).

Anix Gleo – Live set by Anix Gleo