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Rye Smugglers – Chili Con Karma

Rye Smugglers
Chili Con Karma
Sun Station
35:52 min
release date:
August 2012
Colin OOOD
Joel Peltonen

Written and produced by Timo Kollin and Kristian Aro.

Behind the ‘Rye Smugglers’ project are two veterans of Finland’s psy scene Timo Kollin (aka Tim Duster) and Kristian Aro (aka Nebula Meltdown).

2 years ago these experienced music heads joined forces and initiated the idea of creating a new form of mature intelligent and yet very danceable style of modern psychedelic trance music – somewhere in between psygressive, new school goa and the UK full power sound.

After many long months of studio work they are ready to unleash the Rye Smugglers debut release ‘Chili Con Karma’. This release is pure morning trance, full of colourful melodies, tribal grooves and original live instruments infused with a strong social commentary which comes through in speech samples in most of the tracks.

This release is offered to you with excellent mastering work done by psytrance guru Colin OOOD. Don’t miss this promising project with all the potential to become one of the new stars at the forefront of psychedelic trance music.

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