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Anix Gleo – Stupid Me and My Smart Computer EP

Anix Gleo
Stupid Me and My Smart Computer
30:11 min
release date:
Digital : Twist
cover design:
Anix Gleo
Creative Commons License

All tracks w&p by Alexander Liventsov. Illustrations by Manush Mkrtchyan.

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I don’t know, really, who did more for this music – me or my computer?
– If computer break down I’ll remain without music. If I “break down” – the music will live and others will easily able to revive her.
– If I buy a more powerful computer – making music becomes easier and the quality of it increases. As for me, all I can do to upgrade myself is reading dozens of articles, this process can lasts months and years, and most insulting, if you are not talented enough- it won’t do.
– How often I have no idea what sound I want to create and with the help of random combinations of effects looking for something new and interesting!
Whose tastes I’m following – mine or my computer’s ones?
Thank you, my friend.

Sincerely yours, Anix Gleo.

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