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Glooex – Glookanary Express

Glookanary Express
72:21 min
release date:

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w&p by Glooex

Glookanary Express is a new Moscow act and this album is a very impressive debut indeed. The music has some weird & twisted suomi/aussie-style influences with the constant funky deep groove & atmospheric/etherial/surreal pads now & then, varying from morning to night, with more on the acid morning side..

The sound could be a little more fat, but maybe it’s just a matter of experience – anyways this album is one of the best debut albums I can remember, from a man with a very good taste & composition skills and what is also important it’s 100% cheese-free.

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  • http://www.dark-records.com Pritam

    Hi bro’s

    Words won;t be enough to describe this masterpiece, this one;s a smashing album that got me higher after Late Cosma.

    Keep up the good work

    Bom Shiva

  • http://www.myspace.com/zoologsounds Zoolog

    Ey! Just wanted to say that i was searching for some Glooex for my dj sets… i hope this was what needed 😀

  • Glooex


  • http://www.myspace.com/shivazproject shiva3

    Супер музыка – с любовью от всей Украины 🙂 Бум Булинат

  • http://aeroboard.ru PERFORATOR

    Альбом очень понравился! пока немогу сказать точно какие именно треки, надо пару раз прогнать по кругу, тогда отпишу.
    Кстати есть вопрос – я очень надеялся найти здесь трек который играет в видео “Space Of Joy 2005” но к моему глубокому разочарованию его тут не оказалось. Скажите можно его как нибудь достать и как он называется? Уж очень за душу берет…

  • Glooex

    track nazivaetsa MIDLAND_on ni gde ne vihodil

  • noys

    Glooex, a gde mojno nadybat’ MIDLAND v kachestve?

  • LazerBil

    Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of tracks. They’re going in my sets as soon as I get back on the decks. Good ‘get-stomping do the psy-wiggle’ Psytrance.

  • Doctor Odessa

    Привет Ман 🙂 Если помнишь меня – я во время твоего сета в Киеве (Синема) подбегал и мы раскуривались))))
    Как творчество? 😉


    I come to this album by accident through some recearch on the net…It’s the best albun I found in the last times very Good is not enough to describe it. SMASHING…BOOM SHANKAR!

  • Hallucinated Neighbour

    one of my fav albums…
    keep up the good work guys
    share the good music with people
    this one its totally unique, thats why glooex project its wanted from people around the world

  • Dark Star

    Tnx, dude!!!)))

    Great Music & Samples!

    Respect & Уважуха :)))


  • stone b

    the music speaks for itself boom bholenath

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