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Medea (real name Konstantin Terentev) was born in 1983 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Konstantin has got classical music education on a class of a piano and higher education on a speciality of the sound-producer. In 1995 has got acquainted with psychedelic trance music. In 2004 started to write his own tracks. Public debut of Medea took place in 2007 on a party “Dark side of the trance” in Saint-Petersburg. In same year the project becomes a resident of Moon Station, the sub-label of Sun Station records. Aedem is a side project of Medea, dedicated to ambient and experimental sides of electronic music.
Константин Терентьев получил классическое музыкальное образование по классу фортепиано, обучался звукорежиссуре и музыкальному искусству на базе Петербургского университета профсоюзов. За несколько лет выработав собственный саунд начинает выступать и выпускать свои треки как Medea. Выдержанный, всегда качающий саунд, прекрасное чувство ритма и понимание природы звука дают возможность Medea делать неожиданные ходы и направлять энергетику танцпола.


Some tunes:

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  • Галина

    Автор молодец))))хих

  • http://www.myspace.com/ogimadj Dj Ogima

    Congratulations for your exelent music.
    All my support.

    João John aka Ogima

  • esau aka dj Ph.

    hello aedem, your music is fantastic. only the level SHPONGLE.


    Esau I from spanish

  • twisted nature

    really good intros awesome production etc i have no idea why you choose a bit of mainstream kind of lines in nothing and orthodox i was imagining a more serious build up as in sounds , i thought what a pity this could have been a killer track , cannot be played especially in goa where the russians are really not into that kind of sounds undersubstance is more like it even if once again the last part of the track could have been better.

    god bless your talent.

  • twisted nature

    in nothing for example this sound that comes in after 2.30 seconds , can you please tell me what has it got to do with the beginning of the track it sounds so out of context when you could have kept on building it up with serious lines?

    you have really confused me there.

    now listen again after 4 mins when that awful sound is removed how much sense the track makes compared with before that sound comes in the beginning if you just remove it the track would sound much better , and if then you can replace it with a sound that fits that track might be a very serious trance track.

    i m confused really.

    good luck.

  • twisted nature

    please contact me on jeanscicluna@yahoo.co.uk i d like to have a word with you since i certainly was not planning to offend you or anything i just hope you re not taking my comments negatively as it is constructive crticism for improvement only.

    i love you and respect you. jean claude malta.

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