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Cybered is a solo project of techno-trance dj, producer & sound engineer Edward Cybered from Russia, Moscow (born in 1979).
After hearing the album of “Juno Reactor – Transmission” in 1994, he began his trip into mysterious lanes of psy and goa trance. In 1995 he visited a trance party for the first time, and shortly after he started to make music by himself. He and his brother, had been using for it tracker-program, making their first steps in creating goa and acid trance music. In 1999 he was a part of demo-scene under the name of Sadman.
With the millenium coming, Edward became interested in the progressive techno vibrations and founded a psytechno project called Cybered. Very soon the creativity of this project has attracted the attention of Alex Tolstey, the owner of techno record labels named Boshkebeats records and Horns&Hoofs Entertainment. With the assistance of Alex, Horns&Hoofs Entertainment had released tracks of Cybered project worldwide. From 2001 till late 2004, Cybered has beed a resident of Swedish label Moonflower Records. During that period he actively worked on the development of Horns&Hoofs label, released several mixes as a dj, toured a lot, acted on the festivals and a lot of parties in Russia and abroad and also organised first psy-progressive and psytechno parties in Moscow.
Besides that, Edward is a founder of psytrance project Manifold, which has released 2 full leight albums on such labels as DejaVu rec., Sun Station rec. and a lot of tracks on different VA.
In 2008 Edward founded his own mastering studio, where he makes high quality mastering and mixing.


  • J Hoekstra

    from the netherlands, great sound, right mix, this can be a important and promise succes.
    i listen every day to music, my age is allmost 61.
    the gear is g5apple,altec /dell ada995 x3, pc with ases soundcard
    altec lansing model 19, amplifiers mcintosh.
    and yes turn up the volume, perfect recording.
    great beat, thanks with love from holland

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